Corporate Wellness Services

Affordable nutritionist service in a supportive group setting

Informal Networks

Do you struggle to get your staff to engage with each other? Many interventions, including sports days and parties are aimed at improving this aspect of social engagement. Our groups, not only improve health and wellness, but bring your staff together to improve collaboration and inter and intradepartmental work.

Increased productivity

Presenteeism at work is a growing problem. It often goes unnoticed because your employees are at their desks, however not getting much work done.

Decreased absenteeism

Do you have an issue with absenteeism at your workplace? It's a common issue and the answer lies with diet and wellness interventions lead by experts in the field.

Background Behind Our Service

Is there a sense of presenteeism in your workplace after lunch? Well, this is because blood sugar levels are below optimal concentrations and we have evidence that consuming foods lower in sugar and higher in fat at these times can increase acute cognitive function. Our service will use the proven science to prevent this in your workplace.

Furthermore, The Annual Absence Management Survey found that absenteeism costs the average UK company £554 per employee every year!

Our scientific service will provide the information in an easy to understand way, lead by experts in the field of Nutrition and health. If you're interested in investing in your workplace productivity, please get in touch!


Find Out About The Science

Interested about your ROI from our corporate wellness packages? Check out our science page to see the impact we will have on your workplace.