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Affordable nutritionist service in a supportive group setting

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Improve Your Health and Body Composition

Everyone is health conscious and we are aware that there is a lot of conflicting evidence out there. We deliver the information based off research and apply it to your lifestyle.

Nutrition That Works

Head over to the science tab to find out about the proven Nutrition that we deliver each week in our groups to improve your health, increase body fat loss and make a positive difference to your life.


Affordable Expert Access

Ever wanted a Nutritionist but didn't fancy the £100 price tag that goes with it? Our Nutritionist led sessions are just £10 a week.

Our evidence based philosophy underpins our results driven program

Our local Nutrition groups programme consists of 12 weekly sessions that run 3 times a year. All sessions are run by one of our expert Nutritionists that will welcome you to the group.

Each week, you will have an opportunity to ask questions as if you were in a one to one Nutrition consultation. Our Nutritionist will deliver some easy to understand and implement information to make a positive effect on your life which will create body fat loss from week to week.

The aim is to develop your knowledge and understanding of the Slim with Science diet week by week to create long term change and sustainable body fat loss.



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