Meet The Team

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Meet the Team


Richie Barclay

Co-Director and Lead Nutritionist

Richie is a qualified nutritionist holding two degrees, and has been practicing nutrition for over 4 years in his own private practice (The Chislehurst Nutritionist). He is studying for his doctorate in the field which means he understands human physiology and nutrition to inform his practice.

His techniques have been refined over the years to yield the best results with little difficulty and change from clients. Richie has discovered that not all people can afford a bespoke service from a nutritionist and together with his Co-Director, Kenny, he aims to bring the quality service to as many people as possible at an affordable cost.

Richie has not always been active and healthy. Growing up he had difficulties with managing his weight despite being extremely active in his teens. He went to university and completed his undergraduate and masters degrees to which he began to understand how to manipulate his diet to facilitate weight loss and muscle gain. 


Chris Keep


Chris has been a successful Personal Trainer for over 8 years, working in small and large gyms and managing teams of other PTs along the way. He now runs his own gym and has a great partnership with Richie and Kenny, as Chris fully understands the importance of great Nutrition alongside optimal exercise.

Chris’ knowledge of the fitness industry and entrepreneurial flair makes him a great part of the team; the best part of the job for him is the satisfaction in knowing that we make a real, lasting difference to people’s lives because of our educational and science-based approach.

To balance out his hard work in business, Chris loves keeping an active social life with friends, reading books (non-fiction and biographies especially!) and lifting heavy weights off the floor!


Kenny Wright


Kenny works for an alternative investment management group in the City of London. A fitness enthusiast, keen golfer & football player, he knows too well the importance of nutrition to keep performance at its peak throughout the day.

Kenny’s been in the City for just over 4 years now and has built up significant knowledge surrounding the areas of eating healthily before, during & after work; wining and dining with clients; eating whilst away on business & making the most of the all-important lunch hour.

A recent first time father, Kenny knows too well that ‘time is of the essence’ when it comes to feeding; of course for his little one but especially for himself and his partner. Parenting roles are extremely demanding so a well-balanced diet is crucial for optimal functioning.

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