Nutrition on-the-go!

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Nutrition on-the-go!

Eating out, whilst on the go, is a huge barrier for many of us trying to actively be healthier through improved Nutrition. Below, we share some of our top tips for eating on the go to maintain healthy Nutrition on-the-go!

Tip 1: Maximise your veg!

If you’re on the go, opting for extra vegetables in on your plate is a safe bet to ensuring you’re getting nutrient packed, low calorie, high fibre foods that aren’t going to spike your blood glucose or give you dips in energy. If you’re in a restaurant/cafe, order extra veg. If you’re in a supermarket or shop, get a salad with some extra tomato/cucumber/peppers/beetroot.

Tip 2: Protein should always be included.

Remember to include your hand size portion of protein regardless of where you are. Always opt for lean sources such as white fish, chicken, beef etc and these will keep you full for longer as opposed to having a carbohydrate based meal.

Tip 3: Drink water!

Drinking enough water is vital to ensuring you do not overeat or confuse dehydration with hunger. Have a glass before you eat to ensure you’re well hydration.

Tip 4: Look up calories.

Always do your best to look up calories online, on menus or on packaging. Try to have a meal that is lower than 400kcal and has at least 20g protein and less than 15g fat. Keep sugar below 10g and ensure you have as much veg as you can!

We hope this helps you with your day to day Nutrition, if you have any questions on this, please just give us an email!


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