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Our Nutritionists


Richie Barclay

Founder and Lead Nutritionist

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (pending), SENr.

Richie Barclay, our founder and lead Nutritionist, holds two degrees, and has been practicing nutrition for over 4 years in his own private practice. He is studying for his PhD in nutrition and physiology at Roehampton University. These experiences have been invaluable in moulding his evidence based approach to nutrition. Using the latest science, he has created a diet that gets results, sustainable and is easy to follow!

His techniques have been refined over the years to yield the best results with little difficulty and lifestyle change from clients. His practice is evidence based and he aims to make a positive impact on people's lives through easy to implement nutrition.


Amber Davey


Amber is a Registered Associate Nutritionist after completing her BSc degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Reading University. 
Discovering her love for public health at University, Amber is keen to educate others on the importance of healthy eating whilst still being able to enjoy delicious food! 
Amber believes that delivering evidence based and realistic nutrition advice can help people improve health for life. Amber hopes to remove fear around certain food groups to improve our relationship with food by using evidence based techniques.
She will begin studying a MSc in Nutrition for Global Health in September to learn more about how we can impact the health of the population with nutritional intervention.


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Polly Smith


BSc (Hons), MSc, ANutr.

Polly holds both a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Leeds Beckett University, and an MSc in Human Nutrition at University of Surrey and is now a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

From a young age Polly competed in high level dance and equestrian sport and it wasn’t until studying away from home that she realised the huge impact that nutrition has on both physical performance, general and mental health.   Polly is therefore very keen to help people with their long-term health, nutrition and performance goals and believes in empowering people to make manageable, realistic and healthy lifestyle choices that can be sustained throughout life.  Her approach and ethos to nutrition is sensible, no nonsense and evidence based avoiding fad diets and aiming to give people a greater understanding of the food we eat and why.



Tom Martin


 MSc, BSc (Hons), SENr

Tom holds both a MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition from St Mary’s University, Twickenham and a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Gloucestershire. He is also a UK Anti-Doping Adviser and Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist.

He has played, coached and umpired Hockey to a high level, where nutrition has played a huge role in his preparation, performance and recovery. He believes that for someone to achieve their goals, individual targets should be set to allow measurable, realistic and appropriately timed responses to ensure motivation and self-drive can be at the highest levels.

Tom’s methods focus on a food first approach, focusing on balanced healthy eating where people can enjoy their food choices whilst making these positive changes.”

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