Richie Barclay

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About Richie

Richie Barclay, our founder and lead Nutritionist, holds two degrees, and has been practicing nutrition for over 4 years in his own private practice. He is studying for his PhD in nutrition and physiology at Roehampton University. These experiences have been invaluable in moulding his evidence based approach to nutrition. Using the latest science, he has created a diet that gets results, sustainable and is easy to follow!

His techniques have been refined over the years to yield the best results with little difficulty and lifestyle change from clients. His practice is evidence based and he aims to make a positive impact on people's lives through easy to implement nutrition.

Why Slim with Science?

Richie is passionate about helping people, particularly those who are struggling with their body composition and weight. Using Slim with Science as a platform, he is able to reach out to help more people using the evidence based diet he has created and is communicated at the group sessions.

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